Quotes My daughter Haley started a Learners for Life at the age of 4. She learned so much from her preschool classroom and summer school program. Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Loggins tutored her and gave the reading skills needed to excel. My daughter was reading at a 2nd grade level when she started Kindergarten. In 2nd grade the school skipped her to 3rd grade. At age 8 years old she was reading at a 7th grade level. I am so impressed with Learners for Life and what they did for my daughter. Thank You Learners for Life. Quotes
Michelle Lott

Quotes It is a relief off my shoulders to know that my children are in safe hands and in a safe and knowledgeable atmosphere. It's good to know that my children are being educationally challenged and learning so many different things. Your daycare is not just a place of business; its a place that children can learn in a fun, safe and protective environment. Knowing that you care so much for all children, I feel like I am dropping them off at granny's house. That means no worries for me. I just cannot express how thankful I am for all of you. Quotes
Andrea Jones

Quotes Aion is transitioning really well and enjoying Kindergarten. They completed assessments last week and he did excellent, testing at a first grade reading level. Thanks to everyone for all your hard work, and the effort given to help Aion develop accelerated educational skills. Quotes
Gina Morton

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